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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  January 12, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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hurry in to dunkin' for a delicious egg white breakfast sandwich with less than 300 calories.
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>> let's check it out, we had 2.3.5 inches of snow watching ways of before dark and turned to snow with a heavy band that moves to the 6:00 hour. it cut off by a about 10. it goes completely white overnight and coming to an and
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about 10:00 or 11:00. you can see at the bottom of your screen where they have those streets wet with a little extra salt and treatment but was slippery out there. this was my forecast. on that 3-inch range, even an apple us. we started talking about sleet mixing in. it has done your totals to about 2 inches in fortney. frederick came in web 4. you will notice the range of five in hanover, five-point five in northeast. you can go to abc2 news and see the account of the storm. flurries this morning, winds will dominate this afternoon as we go for our -- guaranteed i. they went will make you feel like we are in the 20s. we will talk about the extended outlook coming up in the next half-hour. >> thank you. the ravens will be expanding
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their really. it will start at 7:15 in the morning. it will wind up at the fieldhouse at 8:30 on friday night. >> the big news yesterday is that the team, after spending the weekend and monday with his family, there is more on that with jamie >> reporter: the ravens are talking composure after this in kansas city where tyson jackson from the chiefs wanted to rip his head off. they came to help. the ravens held their cool. coach, gave heaping praise thing the ravens are a different team. >> they haven't done anything to me or my parents, my kids or anything. i don't hate them. it is a competitive spirit about you that you want to be the opponent across you, and they filled the same way it. i know the fans hate them, which is great for us were back how about the kicking game this
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year? watch as he gives to the 1 inch line. how about billy the kid here. the only guy who does not go to jail for kickbacks. that is a touchback and he does kick an incredible thing here. we asked him what have? the fans are screaming on saturday and kicks are left in the game. >> these are the kind of games you want to go out there and have a chance to win. you work so hard on the off- season and want to put it together. >> the ravens -- ravens will practice today and he spoke with the pittsburgh media yesterday and said that saturday's game is the equivalent of the super bowl. >> we have been asking you, send us your pictures. these pictures were sent in overnight. these are friends and family hosting a raven's party. >> that is dedication.
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that is dedication. you have the purple. >> that is pretty good, right like. >> is a pretty fun party. >> next time,- >> this is hunter. he just turned eight and is showing his purple pride, his mohawk, it is painted purple and goal and black and says go ravens. hopefully, that hair will grow up -- grow up -- grow back. >> make and ensure kind of tuesday mackey is very cute. >> you those pictures coming. we love them. just a reminder, abc2 news will be going to pittsburgh for the playoff game. we will be live beginning tomorrow and friday. after it is over, be sure in two to do with that immediately after the game. we will wrap everything up life
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when it happens on the field. do not miss all the excitement. >> it will be one hack of a game. >> is pretty exciting. >> i thought about it last night. if you have little ones, you know how important is for them to be safe, especially when they are in the car. coming up, we will show you how to be sure your kids are secure in their safety seats. our area was spared heavy snow, but other parts of the country really got hit hard. places like new york and boston are dealing with all the snow. they are can be a and everywhere and you might not believe how dirty. that is right, dirty . [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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>> thanks for joining us this morning. if you are on the market for a new car seat, there are so many factors that you have to consider when getting the right car seat for your child. here to help us sort through all the confusion this morning, julie from you can submit safety expert. thank you for coming and. >> this is confusing, i think.
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there are so many choices out there, where do you begin? in is confusing. what a parent should understand is when they are choosing a car seat, it will fit their car, child and that they will use correctly each and every time it. that is the most important thing to do. >> a lot of parents are doing it wrong? >> 75% of car seat are installed incorrectly. there are simple things that you can do to make it work and do a right. >> let's talk about some of these car seat. they are fancy. >> they are fancy. they have air protect technology in them so they will protect the child with the impact. where parents make a mistake if they do not use the manual. the manual is there and has a lot of great information and is something that should be referred to when they are installing the car seat. >> probably the first thing they should do is read the manual. >> read it and do not put it aside. also, something -- simple things is that it is not
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installed tightly enough. one of the ways to really understand whether it is in correctly, hold it at the belt here. if it moves more than one and from side to side, it is not in tight enough. you will want to do it, and again. another place is with the harness and when the clip here, it is placed incorrectly. maybe you can see it a little bit on this one. it is not in the correct place for a child. it should be at armpit level and across, not up, not down, but right across the front of them. those are some of the places that parents make serious mistakes. >> i was going to say that is probably in the manual, right like. >> it does tell you. >> when you get the kid in the car seat you are thinking, victory. that is really not the case. there are all kind of standard. i wanted to ask you about this. you brought this up during the commercial break, the protect the head on here.
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>> this is the infant car seat and would take your child from birth 335 pounds, ripped a thing in the center seat, a place where you should the one child. this is a convertible car seat. when they reach 35 pounds coming up with them here, still rear facing but would take them of sleep 65 pounds, as well. the time when you turn your child around is 2 years old, if you can handle it. sometimes they both us a little bit about it, but the academy of pediatrics recommends keeping them rear facing until 2 years old. air protect technology aside impact technology, like having little air bags surrounding their head so they are better protected. >> really quickly, what is the best resource that the parent should go through? >> we have a car seat selector that will help parents figure out what he is best for them and they can look at st. kitts
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j. got to find out where there is a car seat installation station near them. >> this is a lot of information. if you missed it or have questions, we will put this online at abc2 >> the time now is 9:18. it was the south got hit by the snowstorm this week. as we report, the white stuff down south left man and beast wildly a maze. >> it is such an oddity down south. >> what is this? snow? when it happens, some southerners act like they are flaky. it is as if they are witnessing a double rainbow. >> zero my gosh, it is knowing in georgia. >> we are getting snow in texas. >> georgia? >> it was summed up best by a
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little girl playing meteorologist with a call for a microphone. >> today we are introducing the snow. >> snow meets the snow, snow meets the south. >> there is no for everyone. >> for some it was the first snowfall, ever. >> we do not just mean humans, for man and beast alike, it was strange stuff, even goats and got an dot house were hesitant to come out. >> come on out. that is awesome, come on, larry. >> motorists were the ones who should not have come out. at this bmw got stuck and his spinning wheels caught on fire. >> it al., it is on fire. >> a reporter warned the driver who did get out. while most car spun out unintentionally, some did it on
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purpose. >> i am going to show these people how to do a proper michigan doughnut. >> a michigan doughnut in smelly south carolina. the novelty of snow inspired this guy to write an ode to the white stuff. people were skiing down the streets of atlanta. a sled towed by a lawnmower in huntsville, alabama for skiing or getting dragged along by a lawnmower is kid stuff compared to how the crazy new yorkers play in the snow. we do not recommend getting towed full speed down park avenue, but you have to hand it to the southerners, they are creative. >> who needs a slight when you can -- through the snow in a vote. for once, northerners and southerners are in the same
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boat. >> is great to see people having fun in the snow. >> restaurant week starts on monday. there is nothing like a great meal at your favorite restaurant. we will take you to meet a couple who has been delivering mouthwatering dishes for over 15 years. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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>> restaurant week kicks off friday with a host of bistros, growth, watering whole taking-- >> we introduce you to the artful gourmet bistro. >> some may say a husband and wife duo running could be a recipe for disaster. they have found the perfect mix that has kept the artful gourmet bistro apple stores open and growing for close to a decade in open in thousand two. we had about a table is and a to 2 dining rooms at a bar and offers a full wine selection and personal service to complement the diverse menu. >> you look with the
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ingredients you have them put it together, just like an artist, you put the picture together. you do not cook at home, it is very hard to cook at home, and when i go out, i try tried to eat fish, because it's not something i keep in my refrigerator. >> they add that another of their great selling points involved the transformation from a great lunch stop to fine dining. >> we do more of a fast service, great food and and add out more quickly during lunch. nighttime comes and we completely switch. we become a dining restaurant. that has really worked out well for us. >> reporter: whether it be a casual lunch with friends or a quiet dinner with someone special, the artful gourmet bistro has something to offer you any time of day. >> county restaurant week
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starts friday, january 14 and runs through the 28th. if you want more information, head to baltimore county restaurant the problem with all of the stories that we do every day is we talk about food and want to eat. >> you want to go back and see all of them. we go out and shoot the stories and sometimes we have eaten before we go and want to go back. >> why didn't i take a bite of that pizza? >> exactly. >> restaurant week starts friday. you might have resolved this year to find a new job. it helps to be prepared, for short. >> coming up we will give you a few tips on how to get your market ready so you can land a job that could change her life. the weather has not been too great, especially to the northeast, that area, over the past couple of days. people further north are even preparing for more of a winter a mass.
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>> thanks for joining us this morning. we want to go back to your $0.2 on this topic, angels action. they plan to protest the westborough baptist church protest at the funeral of a nine girl girl that was shot in tucson. did a great sign that humanity is still thriving in our country and needs to be done more often. if you like to share your $0.2, you can read the story on our wmar facebook fan page. we will share more comments. you can find more information on abc2 parts of the northeast are getting hammered this morning. we will take a look at a tower came shot at new haven, connecticut and gives you the shivers looking at it. it looks cold there. upped we've 20 inches could fall by today. the state's governor signed a declaration that gives him the power to close roads just
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because of bad weather. connecticut is not only be only plays along interstate 95 getting pummeled by the heavy snow. we have the latest will back the winter storm started pounding the northeast overnight. cloud and sanders hit the streets. they brace themselves for up to 2 feet of snow. a state of emergency was declared this morning and in new york city they are ready to combat an expected 8-12 inches, vomiting this would not be a repeat of the slow response of the last month's snowstorm where streets went unattended for days. >> we know that we did not do the job that new yorkers rightly expect of us in the last storm and tend to ensure that that will not happen again. >> the key would be preparation. trucks are ready to role and workers were split into different shifts. >> we have 12 hour shifts from midnight until 12:00 in the afternoon and then up until
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midnight. we will be here were becoming in the northeast is a combination of snow from the midwest and similar conditions from the south. it caused chaos at leaving 10 dead in car stranded as parks and interstates turned into sheets of ice. >> there is nobody who knows what is going on back over 2000 flights have been canceled from atlantic fleet boston. some airlines offer passengers the option to change their flights before today's storm. local officials are concerned about the road conditions this morning and the telecommuters are not needing to leave the house today, just stay home. >> reporter: now, marilyn's most powerful -- decertified forecast. >> let's check out this video. you are looking at the snow. this is a suburb of boston, right outside of boston and can
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see the people going very slowly this morning. it is a live shot and you can see the snow on the ground, it is very slick. once again, this is right outside of boston. the storm we saw last night and ended, it is here and you can see overnight flurries that have tapered off in the baltimore area. we saw several inches of snow. crews spend several hours making sure that roads and side streets were safe enough for drivers getting to work or the kids off to school. you saw the video out of boston and feed the video here and will need to take it easy as you head out and about, especially as you go to the evening. we could see more freezing on the road. let me show you what is going on now outside. we are looking at plenty of sunshine across the area. we are dealing with some cold temperatures that will remain cold. let me show you what is going on right now. this is a beautiful picture
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into pennsylvania, almost 4 inches of snow. i know justin wishes he was there right now. check out our snow totals close to home of. emmitsburg has about three, 2.1 into fort meade and at the airport we came in at two. the satellite and radar is not picking up on anything right now. that is into new england right now. we have a few flurries as we go throughout the day and have a few clouds. we also have sunshine moving across the area as well. temperatures for today, you will see the sunshine and also tomorrow, but it will not do much for the temperatures. we are coming in at 27 degrees and open is at 16. hagerstown is about 27 degrees right now. i have to fill in the wind for good measure, 6 miles and to baltimore, but check out d.c., 14 right now and frederick at 13 and hagerstown at 14. winchester coming in around 22,
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making it so like 17. baltimore feels like 20. you definitely need to bundle up as you head out and about. the kids might want to play, but it is going to be a cold one. we are going to be seeing even more as we go into friday, before today, the temperature is around 35 degrees, mostly cloudy and windy and cold and by tonight it will be very cold, 18, blustery and could see some freezing and icy conditions, as well. letson is over to charlie. some of us might consider our health, happiness our family well-being when making a new year's resolutions, something about their career. getting a new career or making a change takes a few do's and don'ts and if you are confused about what you might want to do, jody daniels is here to give us some tips. first and foremost, it seems like you can make a decision to change her career at any moment in the calendar year.
9:36 am
why make it a new year's resolution? >> it is a good question. you can make the decision at any time, that new year's is the time what we want to refresh and renew and a time to make a resolution and think about a new behavior and new way of doing things. over 50% on the job market are people who have been there for six years or more. it is time to refresh their job search and what they want to do differently. >> instead of doing the spaghetti method by throwing it on the wall and whatever sticks, stays, you need to have a plan, a step-by-step blueprint you can execute. >> you do. you need specific goals and have to be able to attend to them every day and every week. >> where do you start? >> i suggest you google your name. if you put your name in the search engine, you will be surprised at the information that you find. >> right there is what we call an active verb. >> if you do want what able to
9:37 am
see pictures of your hallway and party or on vacation, get the personal stuff off, keep your personal life private. employers make decisions based on all of the information that is available. >> that is what employers are now looking at. that is something you hear stories about, losing a job because of a facebook posting were something. it is now being part of the active interview process. >> it is a good way for them to get information about who they just met. i always tell people to google yourself. >> one of the next few steps we need to go through, in the beginning, the end result is the job. >> use social media strategically, instead of getting on there and checking out your old friends, be very specific, position yourself as
9:38 am
knowledgeable in your field and really focus on connecting, strategically, to organizations that you want to connect web. >> one last one? >> the last one i would say is you think the job search is all about you, give yourself a break. your mom might be interested in you all the time, but everyone else is not. volunteer and reconnect with people in the community. they might be able to connect you to a future employer. >> thank you. we will have this on our website, for now, let's turn it over to be taken. >> i have to say that she is great with connecting with people. >> i thought she was going to show some picture on facebook. >> no. if you want more information, head over. we are all using sanitizers to keep our hands clean. a new report says you might want to have some of that handy after going to the atm.
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this is what happens when you have 7 inches of snow melting than freezing. it looks kind of fun. you go ice skating on the streets. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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not just on your tv, but on your laptop and smartphone. it's fios on the go. stop paying for second best. get fios for just $99.99 a month, plus hbo and cinemax, free for 3 months. call 1.888.884.fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's 1.888.884.3467. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. fios. a network ahead. >> happy birthday. do not tell anybody. if you had a birthday coming up and want to say happy birthday, we would love to.
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send a picture to whoever it is celebrating with all of the information to morning show at so we can say happy birthday. >> we have also been talking about pictures of the day. she loves her dog. >> is another picture and looks wonderful, nice, content and happy. that is the sign of a good owner. >> we have this picture. it looks like he was smiling. he was found in a graveyard and was 5 years old, an energetic and silly and was chewing on his toys. >> if you have any pictures you want to send us, pets, anniversaries, send it to the morning show at when you send us these pictures, they are not time sensitive, give us some information so we can credit you with the picture. we love sunrises and sunsets i
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want to make sure we give credit where credit is due. >> we would love to see what is going on in your life. it is time now for our featured event where you e-mail us and we tell you what is going on. it is a snow day for some people. so, crowds for people with kids. this is actively wings. we know them. they are on main street. if you want more information, give them a call. you can always goes to their website. that sounds like fun. >> celebrating the life of doctor martin luther king jr. it is beginning at 10:30 at the library on cathedral street in baltimore. it starts at 10:30 with a documentary about the life of doctor king and chronicling the time and struggle with the racial inequality and injustice that plagued him until his
9:44 am
eventual death in 1968. we have. , awards, ceremonies going on honoring his life and legacy. again, that is the 15th. >> if you have an event happening in your community and want to tell us about it, let us know. you can e-mail us at and tell us what is happening in your neighborhood and share it with everyone else. >> the time is 9:44. this is a good story, when you think about it. we detect a public toilet with your bare hands. a recent study published shows that using an atm could have similar types of bacteria. researchers took samples from atm keypads around london and the same thing with the public toilet and they both contain bacteria known to cause sickness and diarrhea. >> it was conducted by a company that manufactures
9:45 am
antivirus -- back there you go. >> is a marketing ploy. atms are fine, let them if you want to. >> i would not recommend licking them, but use them, if you want to. >> their our strategies and tons of patients that have to be involved in the gameplay. >> when you take a some figures and they are made out of ice, you have more than brainpower with the game. we will have that story. >> yes, i well. we are watching some flurries. we have more snow video. if you cannot get enough, we have more of that. we are taking a look outside and have a look at partly cloudy skies and some flurries to the west and will be a lot of wind and cold air the next couple of days. we will have that would be extended outlook for another storm down the pipeline. we will be right back after this.
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>> you are watching the station that works for you, good morning maryland at 9:00. >> welcome back on this wednesday morning. what do you think about the angel action plan to protest the westfield baptist church at tomorrow's funeral of the nine -year-old girl killed in saturday's mass shooting in
9:49 am
arizona? >> i am glad they are going and would join them if i were there. the people that claim to be christians, in my opinion, are not following the cost of jesus christ. >> i think they are evil people who are seriously disturbed. >> if you would like to leave your $0.2, we want to know what you think and you can tell us right heading to the wmar facebook page and tell us. >> we are not getting snow, but you can show us what you've got. another way to enjoy michigan, outdoors is playing chess. it is cold. >> yes. i could not do this. >> we would i stay or go sledding, but when it is not goal, you have to find something to do. this is downtown grand rapids. the food network is producing a new show, grand rapids ice
9:50 am
capades. they played ice chest with plenty of public input. the test pieces and board will remain there as long as the weather cooperates. it will stay there for a while. >> some of the streets in atlanta resemble ice skating rinks this week. this guy took advantage by skating up and down peachtree street. that is no small feat. that is amazing. it was just like a frozen pond. the icy and cold weather reminded him of childhood back home in indiana. >> it looks fun but dangerous. >> peachtree is similar to -- i would say it similar to leave york. it has the additional lane, not something you would imagine someone would do that long. >> we are looking for great exercise to slim down and state and shape. >> we are breaking down the top
9:51 am
five most searched exercise trends. we will have another chat on the forecast.
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>> take a look at this. new york city -- they are getting pounded with another round of snow. they have mobilized more than 300 salt spreaders and 1700 plows, 200 backhoes and bobcats. we remember what happened with that one toe and bulldozer banging against the suv. was not in brooklyn or queens? they got hit with almost as many storms as we have last winter,. with the gps that they put on some of the vehicles, try to stay ahead with the snow. they got pounded. we are locked into 27 write- down in baltimore. 30 and the wind is taking us down three at eight 21 when
9:55 am
she'll. we do not have a lot of snow that will blow a round, but there might be some flakes flying in the air. look at these temperatures. new york is at 29. we have 21 from chicago, cincinnati to national to atlanta, georgia where there were half a dozen snowplows for their half a foot of snow. it is on many of these streets and cannot move in many places. it doesn't go anywhere. it goes down all the way to the panhandle of florida and goes to the gulf coast. this is the coldest search we have had this winter. after this wrapped itself up, there is still some heavy snow lingering. this is going into the mountains and ski resorts where we are looking at the continuing cold air and snow showers. it looks like we are eroding
9:56 am
away at the back and we'll tell you about the wind. it will take that 35 and make it 20-25. because can break up. we go back down to eat 18 and look for the freezing. even though we stayed below freezing, and he refreeze supping process at night will get the slick spots for the next couple of days. the outlook for next week, although 45 on monday, we could have a little ice event at the next one on tuesday. stay tuned. >> ice is not good new map want to give you the top five most searched exercise trends. five is the p90x. >> the next is the abs workout. >> three is the insanity workout a similar graduation to p90x. >> two is the night, which is a
9:57 am
pretty fun class. i have done it before. >> you have done it but. >> no, i have not. >> number one is jane fonda. still? in the new one. >> jane fonda 2.0. >> she looks amazing. >> i guess it does work for you. >> grow quickly on facebook, there is an interesting post. we will need to talk to the executive producer about this. they are talking about flowers. they are asking if we should have been changed to eat purple because of the game. >> there is some purple in there. >> it is hard to see it. i bother that monday when they came in. >> and we work on this? been that we will give them a call. >> you want to work on it? in thank you for joining us and stay warm out there and be safe
9:58 am
on the roads .
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